C & C++

What IS C & C++?

CPP programming language - created by Bjarne Stroustrup in late 70's - revolutionized object oriented concepts and helped programmers in dealing with real world entities into classes and objects. One must learn this language in order to understand object oriented methodology. Also, it is one of the most preferred languages to create any antivirus software. Thus, it is still in a great demand.

Features of C Language:

  • • Interactivity
  • • Flexibility
  • • Modularity
  • • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • • Portability
  • • Reliability

History of C & C++

It was the brainchild of Dennis Ritchie and Kem Thompson that led to the development of C language at Bell Laboratories around 1972. It was developed basically to implement the UNIX operating System. The basic features of C language were derived from early language called “B” also known as Basic Combined Programming Language.

The major timeline events can be traced back to 1978 when Dennis Ritchie and Kem Thompson published the first edition “The C programming language” and was commonly known as K&R C. In 1983 the ANSI (American National standard Institute) constituted the committee to provide comprehensive definition of C. The ANSI standard was completed late 1988.

Benefits of C & C++

  • 1. C language is a building block for many other currently known languages. C language has variety of data types and powerful operators. Due to this, programs written in C language are efficient, fast and easy to understand.
  • 2. C is highly portable language. This means that C programs written for one computer can easily run on another computer without any change or by doing a little change.
  • 3. There are only 32 keywords in ANSI C and its strength lies in its built-in functions. Several standard functions are available which can be used for developing programs.
  • 4. Another important advantage of C is its ability to extend itself. A C program is basically a collection of functions that are supported by the C library this makes us easier to add our own functions to C library. Due to the availability of large number of functions, the programming task becomes simple.
  • 5. C language is a structured programming language. This makes user to think of a problem in terms of function modules or blocks. Collection of these modules makes a complete program. This modular structure makes program debugging, testing and maintenance easier.


The applications of C & C++ are immense. It is a powerful linear algebra tool with a very good collection of toolboxes. Therefore, it finds applications in research and teaching on domains of robotics and automation.

A lot of companies ranging from banking, finance, engineering, scientific and education requires the application of C & C++ and they are on a lookout for C & C++ professionals to increase their productivity.

Companies are offering full time job opportunities, higher pay perks, attractive bonuses to attract the C & C++ professionals. The C & C++ professionals are getting more pay packages as compared to the IT professionals, this is because C & C++ helps to solve technical problem in much less time as compared to other languages such as C/C++/Java.

C & C++ can give you a headstart in careers related to:

  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Algorithm Development
  • Scientific Graphics
  • Data Analysis and Exploration

Learning Tutorials

Students can surf the net for some information. Some important sites which can give students a good information regarding C & C++ are:


Whatever software you use is coded in C at its base. Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, Games all are in C/C++.

Even if you use languages like Python, PHP etc. they are all developed in C. Java is written in C++. Chrome is made in C++. As Wikipedia says, Google uses C++ in speed critical systems.

If you see any upcoming technologies, whatever the language may be, those are made in C/C++.

Coming to your precise answer, here's a list:

  • Google : Android OS Chrome Server Other products
  • Facebook : Apache Hive, Thrift, HHVM etc.
  • Microsoft : Windows, Visual Studio, Microsoft Server etc
  • VMware: Entire product line core
  • RedHat : Linux means C
  • Apple : The operating system is written in C/C++.

Companies using C & C++

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